The Seeker-Sensitive Movement Wears a new cloak

Evangelicalism has steadily (d)evolved from a consumer-market-driven model to the seeker-sensitive model to the emergent model to where we are today. And where are we today? Many, and perhaps even most evangelical churches are doing what evangelical churches have done for the last 40 or 50+ years. They are observing and mimicking the ebbs and... Continue Reading →

A Defense of MacArthur’s Defense of the Gospel

This post is really not a specific defense of John MacArthur’s recent alarm-sounding posts regarding the encroachment of liberation theology (as I call it) into evangelical churches, especially, Southern Baptist churches. It is a direct response to Terrance Jones’ criticism of John MacArthur’s concerns. To begin with, Jones engages in the unethical tactic of poisoning... Continue Reading →

The Sin of Racial Division

Claim: It is a sin to divide the body of Christ. The Psalmist wrote, Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity! (Ps. 133:1) The Hebrew word yaḥad appears 47x in the Hebrew text. 25 of those times it is translated together. The song is a wonderful expression... Continue Reading →

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