Apologetics and Judaism

I have said on numerous occasions that objections to the Christian faith are always invalid because they are based on misunderstandings of the claims of Christianity. It is impossible to raise a legitimate objection to a claim unless you truly understand it. The objection to the existence of God, for example, comes with the baggage of the understanding of God that the one making the objection projects. Faithless projections of God are not accurate projections of God and any objection to the existence of such a God  based on a false projection of God, would not be an objection to the existence of the God revealed in Christian Scripture. Essentially, it would be an objection to the existence of a god that does not exist. To be a little more accurate, since these objections are concerned with specific claims, one could rightly say there is no objection where there is no understanding of the claim. That said, Michael Brown writes concerning Jewish objections to the Christian claim that the Messiah has come, making the same observation:

Most Jews are not familiar with the Jesus of the New Testament or with the true Christian (or Messianic Jewish) faith. This means that many of the objections they raise are based on misunderstanding. The best refutation of these objections is simply to set the record straight.

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