Introduction to the Covenants

by | Jun 25, 2017

This serves as a very basic overview of the biblical covenants. I am not necessarily making arguments here even though I may lapse into a more polemical genre at times. You will have to pardon me. It’s just my style. In order to understand the concept of biblical covenants, one has to acquire a little bit of an understanding of covenant in ancient Near East (ANE). Michael G. Brown & Zache Keele, in their book, Sacred Bond, write the following:

The familial and secular use of covenants in the ancient Near East provides the necessary background for us to understand the religious covenants of the Bible. For as God makes covenants with his people, he does so in ways they understand. [Brown & Keele, Sacred Bond]

This concept has been neglected far too long. Robertson does a delightful job describing the importance of the concept of covenant:

It is in the context of covenantal death, not testamentary death, that the death of Jesus Christ is to be understood. Christ’s death was a substitutionary sacrifice. Christ died as a substitute for the covenant-breaker. Substitution is essential for the understanding of the death of Christ. [Robertson, The Christ of the Covenants]

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The Covenant of Redemption

The Covenant of Works

The Covenant of Grace

The Noahic Covenant

The Abrahamic Covenant

The Mosiac Covenant

The Davidic Covenant

The New Covenant

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