The SBC: Is The Concept A Good Idea

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Andy Stanley vs Sam Harris – Stanley's Apologetics The Reformed Rant

In this episode, I talk about how Andy Stanley admits that Sam Harris has influenced and reshaped his preaching and framing of the gospel and Christianity for over 15 years now.
  1. Andy Stanley vs Sam Harris – Stanley's Apologetics
  2. A Review of Andy Stanley's Apologetic
  3. The Queering of American Christianity
  4. What Say Ye? Q&A with Chris Soules
  5. The Christian Franchise
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A Review of Andy Stanley’s Apologetic

In this episode, I deal with the incoherence in Andy Stanley's apologetic method and theology. It is impossible to separate "the Bible says" from what Matthew or Luke or Paul says. What the authors of the Bible say, the Bible says. Moreover, if one of the authors of...

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Homosexuality Comes to the SBC

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The Christian Franchise

In this episode, I rant about the Christian Franchise. Modern Christianity has adopted the franchise model in the 20th and 21st centuries. The Christian Franchise’s top service is affirmation. Everything she says and does is geared toward affirming people in the...

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