Prejudicial Polemics: The Michael Browns(ville) Revival

I have been hesitant to jump into the fray regarding the James White – Michael Brown matter. However, I discovered this morning that Michael Brown is scheduled to speak at the upcoming Light the Fire Again conference this April in Toronto, Canada. The tagline for that event is, We Are Believing God To Begin Anew The Might Movement Of His Holy Spirit That Swept Across The Earth At The Close of the Last Century. What I want to do is draw your attention to the speakers at this conference on the one hand, and the goal of the conference on the other.


Reinhard Bonnke – False faith healer that has manipulated Africans for decades. See the HBO Special here.

Daniel Kolenda who claims to have led 77,044,674 to Christ at his last count. Astonishing!

John Kilpatrick – the former pastor of the Brownsville Assembly of God who was at the center of the Brownsville Revival and the blasphemous worship exhibited in that event.

John Arnott – the pastor of the Airport Vineyard Church in Toronto, Canada made famous by the Toronto Blessing. The worship practices were bizarre to put it mildly.

Lou Engle – A leading charismatic leader and a proponent of the Latter Rain blasphemy.

Claudio Freidzon – Charismatic Pastor of the King of Kings church is Buenos Aires. Freidzon received an impartation of the anointing from Benny Hinn and Rodney Howard-Browne. Freidzon’s services were characterized by the Holy Laughter so called. John Arnott and his wife Carol traveled to Argentina and received the impartation from Freidzon.

Heidi Baker – this woman’s shenanigans are well documented all over you tube and the internet. See more outrageous blasphemy here:

Rick Joyner – a last days restorationist is documented by Hank Hanegraaff as saying that the exploits and miracles of the last days church is going to tower over what happened with Peter, Paul, and John.

Randy Clark – another charismatic leader from the Toronto Blessing’Laughing Revival movement that got his impartation directly from Rodney Howard-Browne.

Jeri Hill – wife of Steve Hill who was the evangelist responsible for starting the Brownsville Revival. Mr. Hill passed away in 2014 at the age of 60 after a 7-year bought with cancer.

Lila Terhune – an intercessory prayer guru who was once asked by John Kilpatrick to come to Pensacola from Mississippi to head up the intercessory prayer team in Brownsville.

Oh, yeah, I left off one of the speakers. Supposedly this speaker is one of the few Charismatics that rebukes his own for their abuses and outrageous tendencies. I will come back to that. As one examines this list, it looks like a class reunion for the who’s who of the outrageous, blasphemous, and heretical Toronto Blessing over the late 90s. We have the pastor of the Brownsville Assemblies of God, the pastor of the Toronto Vineyard, John Arnott, the wife of the evangelist who got Brownsville started, Jeri Hill, the pastor who imparted the anointing to the Arnotts, Claudio Freidzon, Rick Joyner, Randy Clark, and even the prayer warrior, Lila Turhune. Gee, I wonder why they didn’t invite Rodney Howard-Browne. I am sure someone in the know, knows the answer to that question. So all these leaders from the abusive and embarrassing movement known as the Toronto Blessing are having a reunion. What is the purpose for this reunion? Oh, that’s right, let me state it clearly one more time: We Are Believing God To Begin Anew The Might Movement Of His Holy Spirit That Swept Across The Earth At The Close of the Last Century.

Well, golly, I wonder what they mean. I say we pretend we have no idea and give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they are going for a mulligan. You think? Maybe they all agreed, boy, we really screwed that up the last time so let’s see if we can keep this one on the fairway!

And lest I forget, they have called in their favorite Laughing Revival, Toronto Blessing, Brownsville chicanery apologist, Michael Brown in order to deal with the anticipated criticism which inevitably will be produced by what is about to take place up there in the north country. Now, some people think that Michael Brown’s friendship with and worse, his endorsement, defense, and approval of these people is simply a light-hearted affair, not anything worthy of uproar. In fact, those who express serious reservations about Brown and who expect his friend James White to hold him accountable as Dr. White is so incredibly good at doing with everyone else involved in the same level of error, are now being labelled as heresy hunters. What an interesting label. In fact, Dr. White thought that a recent address of this issue by Chris Rosebrough was painting Brown in the worse possible light. I have followed Brown since the mid-90s when I was still a Pentecostal pastor. I have his book defending the Brownsville Revival. I have watched Brown defend this foolishness for over 20 years. Trust me when I say, Chris did NOT paint Brown in the worse possible light. In fact, not even close. SO much more could be said about Brown, but Chris was being kind as was Todd and Phil. Very kind indeed.

This conference is a bold proclamation from the former Toronto Blessing Leaders and here is what we should be hearing them say LOUD and CLEAR:

Now, let me remind you of what you are in for in case you forgot what the Toronto Blessing and Brownsville Revival were like or in case you weren’t around to grapple with them at the time.

And finally, what would this reminder be without our favorite Toronto Blessing, Laughing Revival, Brownsville Revival Apologist, the one, the only, Michael Brown:

The funny thing is that I haven’t even talked about the incredibly dangerous teachings coming out of this movement. The egregious errors and heresy that was promulgated by these leaders was and is not just disturbing, it was and continues to be outrageous and intolerable. And here is Michael Brown, in hindsight, defending it. He defended it on the Dividing Line recently as well. Now, I have not said that Michael Brown is not a believer. I will not say that. I have not even said he is a heretic. But I will say that he keeps company with and shows a public hearty approval of those who are heretics and he does so with bold confidence. Should we shun a man like this or provide cover for him to continue to do what he does? Worse, should we extend his reach into our audience by defending him and perhaps leading others to believe that he isn’t that bad when he himself is leading many to believe that his heretical friends and associates are not that bad? What do you think? Personally, I wouldn’t give Dr. Brown an inch of space or a second of time if doing so mean that others could be duped into entering his warped world of charismania. This “fire” nonsense is just that, nonsense. None of these people have any sort of anointing or any kind of fire. Not one of them. Todd, Phil, and Chris are absolutely right to classify Michael Brown as a dangerous man who should be avoided if for no other reason than that he holds the gate open for the wolves. And it is just as contemptible to hold the gate for the wolves as it is to be one.

Listenig to Michael Brown address these issues feels a little like this:



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