John MacArthur Nails it on Charlottesville: Pay Attention SBC

John MacArthur gives a biblical answer to Charlottesville.

2 thoughts on “John MacArthur Nails it on Charlottesville: Pay Attention SBC

  1. Something is missing edingess. I don’t see how the term, “he nailed it” even describes the ineffective response John McArthur gave to the question of Charlotesville. The more I hear these explanations, the more it reveals the chasm between Christians of varying races. My humble opinion is that many White, God fearing Christians are devastatingly unaware of the racist legacy of the Church in America and how they have been consistently used for the last few hundred years to exonerate all guilt of racism while pumping our fists at everything else. Disgraceful.


    1. I am more than happy to set up a debate with you on the issue of a biblical mindset regarding the issue of racism any time you wish. There is no racial chasm in the true church. You sound like someone who wants to convict Christianity for the crusades when it wasn’t Christianity that conducted the crusades. It was a bunch of God-hating deists who claimed to belong to Christ but did not. The same is true regarding the silliness of what happened in Charlottesville. What happened in Charlottesville is not a “Christian issue.” It is a cultural issue amongst the pagans. God has appointed civil authorities to manage the law-breakers, white, black, and any other race. I shall not meddle in the affairs of the civil government.


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