John MacArthur Nails it on Charlottesville: Pay Attention SBC

John MacArthur gives a biblical answer to Charlottesville.

4 thoughts on “John MacArthur Nails it on Charlottesville: Pay Attention SBC

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  1. Something is missing edingess. I don’t see how the term, “he nailed it” even describes the ineffective response John McArthur gave to the question of Charlotesville. The more I hear these explanations, the more it reveals the chasm between Christians of varying races. My humble opinion is that many White, God fearing Christians are devastatingly unaware of the racist legacy of the Church in America and how they have been consistently used for the last few hundred years to exonerate all guilt of racism while pumping our fists at everything else. Disgraceful.


    1. I am more than happy to set up a debate with you on the issue of a biblical mindset regarding the issue of racism any time you wish. There is no racial chasm in the true church. You sound like someone who wants to convict Christianity for the crusades when it wasn’t Christianity that conducted the crusades. It was a bunch of God-hating deists who claimed to belong to Christ but did not. The same is true regarding the silliness of what happened in Charlottesville. What happened in Charlottesville is not a “Christian issue.” It is a cultural issue amongst the pagans. God has appointed civil authorities to manage the law-breakers, white, black, and any other race. I shall not meddle in the affairs of the civil government.


  2. Oh brother. John MacArthur CLEARLY was defending Trump’s pro nazi post Charlottesville remarks.


    That is so untrue. JD. Hall went off on all black people not just BLM (which has white members also).

    I could write forever the cold blooded racist remarks I hear from white evangelicals and reformed Christians.


    1. John MacArthur is the least politically inclined pastor preaching from such a large platform today. He was defending no one. Charlottesville was repugnant from every angle, black, white, every angle. No truly God-fearing Christian supports the KKK. That organization is dead with the exception of a few crackpots that no one takes seriously. JD Hall was absolutely RIGHT to go off on BLM. It is a godless bunch with a godless agenda employing godless tactics. Christians have NO business participating in such wickedness. Since this generation thinks that Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving is racist, I am sure you could write forever on what you think are cold-blooded racist remarks. But make no mistake about it, the sin of racism is not a white issue. It is a sin issue. The idea that racism can be eliminated from a godless world is absurd. It can be eliminated no more than adultery, fornication, drunkenness, lying, or any other sin. The reason you see things through the lens you do is because your head is not absorbed in Scripture. If it was, your perspective would be different. Rather than leading with the idolatry of self-love that is the core of the racial reconciliation movement, you would lead with a love for God that acknowledged his sovereignty in all things and man’s sinfulness. Regardless of how bad any one people group have it, they don’t have it as bad as they deserve. Start there. Regardless of how bad things are or were or get in this life, none of us have it as bad as we deserve. Get back to gospel (if in fact you understand what the gospel actually is. What it is not is black liberation theology.


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