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This website is devoted to adult Christian education. The content is geared toward an adult learning approach. For this reason, the content will usually focus on those major areas of major areas. In other words, the largest mountains with the largest boulders. However, links to specific details will be built into the major areas as the site grows over time. The major areas of concern are theology and apologetics. Any approach to apologetics that is not rich in theology is generally deficient and inadequate to serve as a good tool for engaging the lost. Such approaches are quite often heavily influenced by enlightenment philosophies and views of Christianity that are more rational than biblical. They should be avoided.

The author of this site is a confessional, reformed Baptist. I adopt a covenantal approach to theology and a biblical-theological approach to apologetics. I embrace all but one article of the 1689 Second London Baptist Confession.

What you will find in this site are major sections on theology, apologetics, cultural issues, major challenges to the Christian faith, and my blog. Within some of those sections, you will find links to tutorials that take you a little deeper on certain subjects. The site is new and the content is scant at this point. Please continue to stop by as the site will continue to grow and evolve over time.

This site defines Christian apologetics in this way: the attempt to persuade men to believe the truths of Biblical Christianity.

What is the basic tenet of non-Christian thought? The one thing that all non-Christians believe regardless of age, race, gender, or religion? That Jesus Christ is not Lord of all! It is that tenet that Christian theology aims to correct and that apologetics is responsible to refute, to reduce to irrationalism in honor of our Great God and King, Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God!


  1. I cannot find your name anywhere on the website. I believe I “met” on the Faithlife site during a discussion with Nathan and others. However, I don’t recall your name.

    warm regards,
    Oke Shannon


      1. AHA! I was somewhat caught off guard by the ejection by Faithlife. I have followed many of those folks from that forum over to DivineCouncil.org. I am trying to engage them on the early verses of the Bible and the absolute requirement to START with the Bible and THEN consider science. Many Christians shrink back in fear of being ridiculed if they hold to Genesis historicity in the face of what some scientists say. My ongoing discussion (http://divinecouncil.org/forum/threads/systematic-theology-texts-and-the-age-of-the-earth.75/#post-491) asserts that even our most respected theologians (Grudem, Erickson) are very soft on early Genesis. I may plagiarize some of your thoughts on this site in that discussion. Please forgive me. BTW: Terence (the site Moderator) encouraged me to start that topic.


    1. Feel free to use whatever you want. There is some defective reasoning going on not to mention serious exegetical fallacies. I have stayed away from the new site thus far. I will take a look at your link. I will be out of pocket starting this weekend until the week of 6/5. When I return I will look at it a little closer. You are correct that many Christian positions are shifting for the wrong reason: discomfort due to modern sensibilities. This is a dangerous trend in my opinion. Where do you stop? Andy Stanley has already said you can reject the virgin birth. Mike Licona has everything whittled down to the resurrection. Mere Christianity is trending but in my opinion, it is more likely to uncover the pseudos than anything else in my opinion. The real issue is that these people do not seem to understand the logical implications of embracing some of these views.


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