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IMG0569This website is devoted to offering you, the busy Christian, supplementary materials that may be beneficial toward enriching your understanding of, and enhancing your ability to articulate and defend, the claims of the Christian worldview. Theologically, this site promotes a reformed Baptist perspective. Because of this commitment to a reformed Baptist perspective, the blog is devoted to the method of apologetics popularized by Cornelius Van Til. The target audience is the thoughtful Christian. This Christian has a passionate interest in engaging and confronting his/her culture with the gospel of Jesus Christ. For that reason, I am attempting to keep the educational information concise, and uncomplicated. I deliberately avoid much of the needless philosophical speculation you typically encounter on other apologetic sites. If I understand Scripture correctly, the more speculative and complicated the subject, the less edifying and expedient it is to both the defense of Christian theism, and the edification of the believer.

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