This website is devoted to supporting the needs of busy Christians seeking a high-quality yet informal education in the areas of theology, philosophy, and apologetics. The views expressed on this site are consistent with a distinctively Reformed Covenant Baptist Theology and with a Reformed Presuppositional Apologetic, and I would also like to think a Biblically faithful approach to Christian Philosophy. I attempt to employ a methodology that is designed with the busy Christian in mind. These are believers who do not have the luxury of time or money to spend listening to hours upon hours of lectures or reading thousands of pages in theology texts. I try to break the material down into bite size extracts if you will so that one can understand the basic principles without getting caught up in theological and philosophical jargon. The aim of this blog is to support busy Christians that simply wish to become better thinkers, better theologians, better philosophers, and better apologists. All things are for the glory of God!

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